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Mapping LD in Scotland

About the mapping project

Mapping LD practice in Scotland is aimed at creating a database of institutional structures and teaching practice, freely available to all ScotHELD members.


Expanding on the project AALL conducted, Ursula Canton, Alex Cuthbert and Julia Bohlman designed two surveys that captured information on


  • institutional structures of LD work across universities in Scotland

  • individual LD practice.


The survey was initially distributed to ScotHELD members, using snowballing to expand the group of participants to as many Learning Developers in Scotland as possible.

The results (data collection finished in June 2023) are available to all ScotHELD members. Please use them widely:


  • as an evidence based negotiating tool if you are advocating for LD in your institution to highlight trends across the Scottish sector

  • as inspiration for your own teaching or as examples of LD practice to train staff new to LD

  • as a benchmarked for LD practice in Higher Education.


How to access the results

If you are a Learning Developer and ScotHELD member, please go to our members’ area and sign in to see the results.

If you are a Learning Developer and part of one of our ICALLD partner organisations (AALL, ATLANZ, ALDinHE, LSAC or SAALP), please get in touch with us to gain access to the ScotHELD members’ area.


If you are a Learning Developer but not a member of any of these organisations, please contact ScotHELD explaining why access to the data would be useful to you.


The files in the members’ area are read-only. Those interested in obtaining the fully editable excel files for research purposes can contact Ursula Canton ( to ask for access. As a community project we would like to allow Learning Developers to work with the dataset as much as possible, so will happily provide access for every project that reflects the community spirit of the project.

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