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Volunteer to Mentor

ScotELAs Members are currently looking for mentors to help them develop the following areas of expertise. Could you become a mentor for one of them?

Teaching Big Groups

A ScotELAs member is looking for a mentor willing to help her develop her practice in developing engaging sessions for big student groups (250+).

Peer Learning

A colleague developing a peer-support project would like to be mentored by someone who has experience in developing peer-learning.

Developing class sessions

An beginning learning developer would like to be mentored in creating and delivering workshops on academic writing and critical thinking.

Broadening the repertoire

A colleague who has been working as a learning developer for 5 years feels it is time to explore alternative ways to the learning activities and active learning ideas she is already using.

One-to-one support

Various ScotELAs members would like to develop their expertise in one-to-one support with a mentor.

If you feel you have the right skills to work on any of the topics below, please contact Jane McKay ( or Ursula Canton (

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