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Mentoring Scheme for Professional Development

Why a ScotELAs Mentoring Scheme?

Learning development attracts individuals from wide ranging professional and academic backgrounds. Whilst this diversity provides a rich knowledge source and potential for sharing skills and practice, CPD opportunities for learning developers are often limited.

To address this challenge, ScotELAs has developed a mentoring scheme which provides the opportunity for learning developers to a) learn from each other’s learning, teaching and research skills and experience, and b) gain recognition for either engaging in new learning as a mentee or fostering learning in the profession as a mentor.

The scheme is an extension of a successful initiative that has been piloted with learning developers at Glasgow Caledonian University.

This initiative will also be important for new learning developers who are growing into their role. A more experienced mentor can help them to navigate this emerging discipline, and enhance their learning and teaching skills. For an overview of the scheme, click here.

Below, and in the handbook, you will find further details on the benefits, how to join the scheme, and how to gain ScotELAs recognition.

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